Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GDG Artist Spotlight: Mary Bellamy

This week, we talk to GDG's Mary Bellamy (aka "Zorilita"), who will be featured in our upcoming Girls Drawin Girls Volume III: Sugar and Spice, for her interpretation of Cheesecake, in addition to already having a collection of her artwork in GDG's Playing Cards!

Welcome to the Girls Drawin Girls Spotlight, Mary!

1. What's your name?
Mary Bellamy

2. Where are you originally from, and where do you live now?
I've lived in the Los Angeles area my whole life.

3. What do you do for a living when you're not drawing sexy pinups?
I'm illustrating my own children's graphic novels, doing character design and illustrations for clients and
doing comic strips for various anthology books.

4. What's your favorite medium to work in?
My favorite medium would have to be digital work in Photoshop and Flash. Though in traditional media, I love markers and colored pencils.

5. Why do you think the pinup girl has such a timeless, wide appeal?
I think pin up girls are popular since they can show a sensual side of femininity without going past certain limits and so many people do them as a sample of their style that it's become iconic to commercial art.

6. Define what "sexy" means to you.
Sexy to me is less about the graphic images we're fed in magazines and more about a softer gentler side of womanhood.  I think that implied things are more attractive and in some cases more innocent than many things that appear in comics or television so I usually obscure certain things in my work.

7. What's your biggest goal/ambition as an artist?
My biggest goal is to have my work appear on television or in mass merchandised form. I'd love to see my girls on tv since my work is less about princesses and more about girls that don't really fall into particular stereotypes. Toys are my other love, so I'd love to have my designs appear in stores. Right now I'm selling directly to conventions and customers.

8. Why do you like drawing ladies?
I like drawing ladies because they're more fun. You can't really do as much with fashion or hair with male characters and curvy lines make for more interesting designs in my opinion.

9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
 If I could travel anywhere, I'd love to see Japan and Europe, maybe Ireland or Paris.

10. Name three artists who have influenced you and/or you admire.
I'm not really sure I can name three artists because I’m really influenced by so many things. I love Fauvism, Impressionism, Cubism and Mannerism. As for modern work, I love all sorts of graphical styles and the older Disney animations. I loved the 1980's girl's cartoons and later enjoyed some anime as well.


Thanks Mary!

And don't forget to check out her website at

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