Sunday, May 24, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con EXCLUSIVE 2010 Calendar!

Girls Drawin' Girls proudly presents a 2010 SDCC EXCLUSIVE Pin-up calendar, featuring photos of GDG members.  This calendar will only be available at San Diego Comic-Con this year!

Here's a sneak peak from our photo-shoot yesterday!

Left to right: 

A HUGE thanks to everybody who helped make this possible, including

*Charlie Chu (our talented photographer),
*Nikki Isordia (supurb make-up and hair stylist)

and studio space generously hosted by Musikvergnuegen in Hollywood.

Also, a big shout-out goes out to all our volunteers who helped with lighting/ rigging/ support!

In addition, GDG will also be selling a 2010 art calendar featuring artwork from all the members, which will be available for sale all year long! Watch this blog for more details, coming soon!

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Arica said...

Super cute! Wish I could have been there :)