Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Two of Swords" - Arabian Nights Theme

So I've been quite busy lately with my new job at Sunken Media LLC, but I had some time to finish my Tarot piece last minute =P I actually finished, printed, framed and delivered my "Two of Swords" piece Friday the night before the show. I was also to busy to attend the show, but I wish I could've because it sounded like it was going to be great! Will attend before it's over though!

Here's my finished "Two of Swords" piece:

Before I started this piece, I thought about the swords. I told myself I wanted to make them look beautiful, but claymores(to me) are so boring and ugly. The straightness of the claymores ruins the composition, shooting the eye flow out the piece. So I thought to use the sword I loved the most, which were Arabian swords(Also Pirate swords), otherwise, Scimitars. From there I followed down theme with a Arabian Nights storybook look. I always wanted to make a Persian/Arabian themed piece so I was very excited. I chose a belly dancer mainly for the detail in their jewelry and their gorgeous figure. I ended up finding out that belly dancers actually have a dance which they move with the scimitars, one balanced on their head and one which they swung around lovely. I could've made this piece more dynamic, like in pose and background, but I always make pieces like that so I mimicked the classic tarot card look were they seem a bit rigid and strong. While designing the piece I noticed she would have to be blindfolded, but I don't like removing eyes off my pieces because I feel the eyes connect people to the artwork. So I made her blind, with a sheer blindfold to continue the effect. The Two of Swords was about decision making, and I felt this was a true test of my ability to choose what was right.

Sorry for the long description, hope you all like!

~Sasha Palacio

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Zorilita said...

Your work is very awesome!