Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Post EVER!!

I'm very excited. I'm posting two pieces I did. The first is the older assignment "Nurses" and the other is for the "Sagittarius" assignment. Hope you enjoy.

:) Lindsey


Chiramu said...

The centaur looks the best, I think the weird anatomy with the legs and body works for the centaur; where it doesn't work for the nurse.
For the nurse I think the problem is that she has these wide hips, very high crotch, and too long of a waist. To make her work I think she needs to have her hips taken down slightly. It just doesn't look good face on like it is.

damon said...

nice stuff

Daron said...

great! I really like the Sagittarius drawing!

Sarah Satrun said...

I like the style if the centaur- esp. the hair! Keep up the good work!