Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome GDG's newest members!

Please give a warm welcome to our newest members-

Jessica Dalva

Jean Kang 

Lydia Sanchez 

Hannah Sherman

Maria Danalakis 

Jay Fabares 


Lindsey Lydecker said...

Welcome ^_^

ps: Hannah Sherman that went to Ringling? I graduated in 09

Jean said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! :D Happy to be here!

Hannah Sherman said...

Excited to get started!! Thanks so much for having me ;)

Lindsay! I graduated in 07 :) snail and french cowboy thesis :)

Maria said...

Thanks so much for having me!! I am very excited about this group. yay! :)

Lydia Sanchez said...

Thanks you so much ^_^

Lindsey Lydecker said...

AHHHH dude!!! your thesis rocked!!! It was so good, omggosh. Your animation was amazing. I really admired your style so much when I was doing my thesis. I was supposed to graduate in 08, but due to money I had to wait till 09. anyways, welcome to GDG :)

Hannah Sherman said...

Aww thanks lindsey!!! I actually stumbled accross ur blog a couple months ago and dang gurl u got skills!! I LOVE ur doodles. They crack me up ! :) thanks for the warm welcome!

Lindsey Lydecker said...

shucks, thanks hannah. That means a lot coming from you ^_^
I feel the same way about your blog ma'm. You're so talented!!