Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vol. III - Peaches and Cream

Oh my, I just realized I never posted my finished Girls Drawing Girls Vol. III Sugar and Spice piece, Peaches and Cream:

Peaches & Cream

**View in full for detail**

I immediately Googled the dessert and upon seeing the delicious pictures, I thought of a sexy freckled(spots/marks on peaches) redhead(redness of the peaches) stripping down to her peaches(inner peaches), and to get into a bowl of cream =P With less than a week to work on it, I'm pretty happy with it.

Photoshop, 10-15hrs

Color Palette:


Amy said...

How lovely.

The freckles are definitely a cool touch :)

R. C. Young said...

this turned out lovely, I especially love the freckles :D

Anonymous said...

that peach looks disturbing. otherwise, fantastic!

damon said...

super cool i liek

Mz.Kat-ii said...

Love the strategically placed cream hehe...naughty!

Zorilita said...

I really like this one! I like the concept behind the freckles too! =)

Last Chance to Exit said...

This is my favorite out of all of the submissions. Hands down.