Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GDG Artist Spotlight: Rita Lichtwardt

This week, we talk to GDG's Rita Lichtwardt, another one of our Los Angeles based members!  Keep an eye out for more of her amazing artwork in upcoming shows and in one of GDG's many upcoming projects!

Welcome to the Girls Drawin Girls Spotlight, Rita!

1. What's your name?
Rita Lichtwardt

2. Where are you originally from, and where do you live now?
Originally from Burbank CA, went to art school in West LA, moved around, and now back in Burbank. 

3. What do you do for a living when you're not drawing sexy pinups? 
Storyboards for animation and Freelance Illustration.

4. What's your favorite medium to work in? 
I still love graphite mechanical pencils, and I use photoshop for everything. 

5. Why do you think the pinup girl has such a timeless, wide appeal? 
The human form is always iconic and looked at as a sculpture. The female form has always been something that people have made art from and I've always liked making it as well.

6. Define what "sexy" means to you.
Sexy is confidence, alluring, smoldering energy. Proud in someone's skin, the desire to be out there, marveled and looked at. 

7. What's your biggest goal/ambition as an artist? 
To have my own clothing line of tshirt graphics, posters merchandise of my art, getting my art out there for people to enjoy.

8. Why do you like drawing ladies?
Because women are beautiful, and so fun to design and draw. 

9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
Europe and Japan.

10. Name three artists who have influenced you and/or you admire. 
I've been influenced by comic artist J. Scott Campbell, Jai Lee, Moebius, and I admire Danni Luo of GDG.


Thanks Rita!

And don't forget to check out her website at

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