Thursday, August 12, 2010

AMOS Showtime piece

I saw over on fellow GDG member Eliza Frye's blog that she had done this amazing piece for a group show being organized by the German musician, Amos, and dropped them an email asking if they were still looking for artists.

I was -just- under the deadline- they shipped me a blank album cover, and I got to create a design for it! I sent it off today; a day late, but then again, I just got the cover on Saturday!

It was a pretty fun project- the album covers will tour around different galleries across Europe and be available for sale in person and online.

I'll definitely post more details once they receive it and post it on their site! : D

Here are some Work In Progress shots:


Joe said...

This is the best art blog ever! everything that you show here is beatifull!


Maria said...

wow so pretty! is that acrylic paint you use? very cute :)

Joe Crawford (artlung) said...

Really great painting!

Nat Zigal said...

Nice work Daisy!