Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I got you a brain, but I eated it....

Taaaa Daaaaa =) My first real Zombie =P And my first Zombie Pin-up =D I wanted to go for the classic Cheerleader Zombie with a 50s look. It's a quick sketch, so don't judge my horrid anatomy and forced perspective =P Oh and I haven't drawn a brain in over 5 years! Since Biology class =D

Well I hope I succeded =/ Oh and Girl number 27/100, Peggie.

Full view for detail.

~Sasha Palacio


Shannanigan said...

Looks like we both had cheerleader zombies on the brain!(pun intended! LOL!)

Looks great!

Sasha Palacio said...

Lol true! I like yours better, now I gotta find some 3D glasses! =P