Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ZoMBie PiN-Up

Since Comic Con CHicago is this weekend, i might not get a chance to finalize this sketch in time! But I couldn't pass up this theme


Randall said...

Oh, nice. Scary and hot, and... scary.

Zombie hot?

Yeah. That sounds right.

damon said...

love it!

Kelsie_Kryptonite said...

Hi, I normally don't comment on anything, but when I saw this I said "Wow." I love it. I may I use this for a tattoo?
And I apologize if that is a bold request.

panik said...

i finally found a zombie pin up girl to get tattoo'd on me! so excited. been looking for a long time. had a couple artists working on stuff, but they bailed out on me. amazing.

panik said...

i'm with kelsie! i've been looking for a zombie pin up girl to get tattoo'd. i've had a couple artists work on stuff but nothing really struck me like this does. i've left space for it on the inside of my bicep. so excited.