Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Ladies!

Just got my invite today and I am crazy excited to be part of this talent group of girls! I couldn't shut up about it at the studio today and was doing the chair dance of happiness. For my first post here's a recent Capricon pin-up while I'm working on my next piece.



Cale Atkinson said...

It's about time your fantastic ladies appear on this blog!
Congratulations!! I really love this illo, great expression and colors.
I can't wait to see what you post next!
*Classy Hat Tip*

Kari Kilpela said...

This is wonderful.
I love your style :]

Erin Greener said...

From one newbie to another, welcome to the club!

-GFT- said...

She'e so cute :) I love her expression !

CaptainChants said...

Oh I love it!! Her face is so cute.

And a big hello and welcome to the group!!!

kartoon kid said...

Thanks so much :D

Brick Layer said...

Can you fall in love with a mermaid?

Zorilita said...

So cute!