Thursday, February 10, 2011

New works from Erica Hesse

I have some new stuff going on that I'm pretty excited about, so I figured I would share it with all of you! :) Not all of it is pin-up related, but I'm pretty proud about it, so here goes.....

I occasionally do sketch cards for various comic book companies. This time I did sketch cards for Sheena, Queen of the Jungle card set by 5Finity. I was asked to be one of their rare artists, which I was pretty flattered. Here's my preview card.

Also there's a new Voltron art book out called "Voltron, United and Drawn" by Moonstone and 5Finity Productions. Here's the art I did for the book. The book is pretty cool! Lots of art and fan memorabilia/toys from the past, plus tons of new art by various artists to boot. Growing up I was a huge Voltron fan, so being a part of this has tickled me in so many ways! I'm honored to be a part of this book.

I also recently ( well yesterday ) got a new tattoo by Joe Capobianco! He's one of my many favorite artists, he does amazing pin-up girls! Although I didn't get a pin-up girl this time around (next time!) I thought it would be cool to show. Pretty happy with how it came out. I'll definitely be getting more work from him in the future!

That's all I have for now...thanks! :)


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potato farm girl said...

Voltron!!! Yay!!
Love that blue bird tattoo, it's super cute, and the colors are really pretty!