Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Barda

I know this isn't a theme but I wanted to share and just post something for a change. I plan to try and do a sailor moon as well.

Honestly I cant remember when I have drawn her.

If any of you guys have heard of he book Drawing Force. I have been reading it lately and applying it to my drawing. I have a pose book and I figured if I was going to be practicing force with that book I may as well turn the sketches into something fun.

I really like the book. I went through it once before, few years back, and I saw my figure drawing drastically improve so I figure why not revisit it.

~Arie Monroe


Erin Greener said...

She looks tough!

Jean said...


I love the Drawing Force book, Mike Mattesi was my figure drawing teacher and he was wooonderful. Really changed the way I draw. :D