Sunday, July 3, 2011


I've been away for a month and now back with my crayons again, hooray!! Here is my illo for circus, it feels so good to get back to posting :D



Erik Johnson said...

Trapeze Traci for the win!

I love the trailing cloth and how if helps make for a unique composition with all the open space. It could have easily been just a pic of her on the trapeze filling the composition, but instead we have this trail to play with our eye's sense of direction, making it feel more loosey-goosey with the line's gentle curves.

I would love to see a sequel illustration with her actually swinging with that cloth rippling through the air.

Please continue the good work Jess!

kartoon kid said...

Many thanks for the awesome comment Erik :D I will very much look into doing the sequel with your suggestion of swinging through the air :D


JennySRP said...

YAY! Happeh to see someone posted with the theme! Love the colors =D

Mz.Kat-ii said...

this is sooo beautiful!! can't wait to see the sequel!

kartoon kid said...

Alright, tis must sketch part deux ;)