Tuesday, July 12, 2011

☆Comic Con Panel with GDG members! ☆

Hi ladies!
I'm going to be on a panel Saturday with fellow GDG members Beth Sleven and Steph Laberis!
 Also on the panel are Mike Collins, Erich Haeger, and  Eric Gonzales!

Full info:
Saturday, July 25
4:00-5:00   How to Create a Children's Book Brianne Drouhard (Billie the Unicorn),Mike Collins (Monster Mythos), Erich Haeger (Rosita Y Conchita), Beth Sleven(Cryptid Case Files), and Steph Laberis (Ghost Chef) discuss the process of creating a children's book from scratch. Topics include designing a character and its world, choosing illustration materials, and creating a story. The panel participants have backgrounds in animation and gaming and will discuss how this influences their art. Development art will be presented, followed by Q&A. Room 30CDE 

Click the schedule below for more details about Saturday and Sunday.  :)

Anyone else have Comic Con plans, or suggestions for any screenings or panels?  

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