Thursday, July 7, 2011

I actually just finished up a sexy Steampunk lady, but it's a secret gift for a friend so it'll have to wait until after SDCC. In the meantime, some of my previous Steampunk ladies:

One half of the dueling characters I drew for Steamcon II's t-shirt last year, and:

...A detail from the DVD cover I just finished up for the League of Steam, featuring the ever-lovely Gail Folsom in her R.O.S.E. costume.



CaptainChants said...

Oh I love these so much! Especially that first image. Great colouring!!!

Chelsey Holeman said...

I love how "chunky" the first figure looks. How her body goes from thin to thick so smoothly is wonderful.

Kari Kilpela said...

all of your art amazes me, keep it up, they are lovely.
beautiful colors and designs :]


Alison Donato said...

I love the yellow girl :)

Shannanigan said...

I was so bummed to find out R.O.S.E is no longer with League of Steam!! Glad I got to see her with them a few times and get a look at that costume in person. It was absolutely amazing!

You did a great job capturing her and the rest of the gang (on the full illustration)... :)