Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Lady Head (Erin's Totally Lame Halloween)

Every year, I've had a plan for Halloween, my favorite holiday. If it wasn't treat-or-treating in my childhood it was making costumes and decorating and baking spooky snacks and handing out candy to kids. But this year I have no plans. No costume parties, no jack o' laterns, no nothing. But at least there will always be zombies. I've gone gaga for The Walking Dead on AMC and I drew this while re-watching the entire first season on DVD for the third time. I'm geeked for tonight's new episode!

-Erin Greener


damon said...


Rocky O said...

Niiice! I love your linework :)

And I can relate... this is one year that I don't have any special plans. But there will always be another year ;)