Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exotic View

At first it seemed that the theme for this week is  . . . easy . . . but well it wasn't. There isn't such a variety of pin up art on web that depicts the exotic in the most aesthetically convincing way . . . I didn't want to be conventional and I kept searching  . . . pin up girls in Belly Dancing costumes, pin ups from Hawaii etc.  etc.

But this was hopeless so I decided to use my only hope and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. . . I started thinking what would capture the exotic, and what would be truthful to the subject matter and at the same time it will still be a pin up girl. I found the inspiration in contemporary films and in paintings . . . that I vaguely remembered.  

You may not see it at first in the following graphic but when you start closely analysing, you will understand how I used sources of  inspiration for it: Salvadore Dali's Girl at The Window to provide nostalgia, Bruce Timm's noir silhouette ( there is actually a graphic by Timm with a couple in a dark rooom and the window blinds), and the exotic atmosphere taken from the film The Pillow Book, 1996 dir. Peter Greenaway, starring Evan McGregor and Vivian Wu ( I love the way Greeneway arranges colours in his films, they are very saturated and warm, I wanted in my graphic to make an impression of a hot sultry night though I cooled it with blue shades of water).



Katie Lee Grech said...

Thanks for sharing your process.

Michael Gutierrez said...

Great work.