Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Studio 806 Show recap!

Big thanks to everybody who came out and saw the Studio 806 show down in Santa Monica this past weekend! We had a really good turnout both nights!

Big thanks to DJ Poptart for spinning Friday night, our two bartenders for volunteering their time and pouring skills, Anne Walker for helping to organize everything, and especially Bodega Winebar for the wine and use of their space. It's a great venue, and we hope to show again there in the future!

Here are some pics from the event,
courtesy of Mary Bellamy and Bill Ho.

Friday night's crew! Daisy Church, Melody Severns, Bill Ho, Anne Walker and Debbie Bruce Mahan
Two fans, Bill Ho and Elizaveta Khripounova
enjoying GDG Vol I: A Girl in Time
Wall full of art!


Anne-arky said...

Kelly's name is DJ Poptart! :)

Anne-arky said...

Oh yes - and you are very welcome! It was a fun show and I think we all helped it turn out awesome.

Daisy Church said...

ha ha ha! oops! she sent me a fb msg saying she couldn't make it sat night with the heading "DJ Not Tart", so I was going off of that... makes sense now! ;D

Yuka said...

Seems like a lot of fun!!
I wanna be a part of it next time.