Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009 Pasadena Chalk Festival- wrap up!

A big shout-out to our wonderful and talented members who braved the misting rain Saturday and the blazing sun this weekend at the 2009 Pasadena Chalk Festival to help create GDG's entry, "The Queen of Tarts!"

(The piece is a bit of promotion for our new GDG Playing Cards (details to follow) and our third book, which will be dessert themed)

We didn't win first, but we had an amazing time being filmed for National Geographic's NGWow documentary series, and we're really proud of our piece- it looked really great!

A huge congratulations to Animation Alley's winners, The Society of Children's Writers & illustrators. They had a great entry!  Also, a big thanks to all else who participated in the festival- the Chalk Festival works hard to promote public art and the Lightbringer project, which helps raise funds for children in the arts.

Also, a big kudos to Nicole Filiatrault and Anne Walker, who donated paintings of Gigi for the Festival's silent auction.

Check out more pics at our Facebook page!


Anonymous said...

Great job. Your work rocks in every medium.

Annearky said...

I love the sparkle in those two photos! :)

Kelly said...

I am really proud of our awesome work. It looked truly spectacular!

Lissa said...

This came out looking great!
Extra-awesome with the sparkles :)