Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2010 GDG Calendars!

That's right!

We have a limited supply of our SDCC 2010 Photo-Pinup calendars left over from SDCC available for sale, plus a full stock of our 2010 Art Pin-Up Calendar.

We've knocked the price down to a low $15 per calendar, or both for $25! (two of the same, or one of each!)

The Photo Calendar features pin-up style photographs of a dozen of our talented ladies. 

The Art Calendar features a dozen new pin-up artworks by our members.

Both calendars are 11"x17" vertical layout, giving them a classic retro pin-up look!!

GDG art calendar 2010
Girls Drawin'Girls Art Calendar 2010

Girls Drawin'Girls Photo Calendar 2010


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