Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help GDG's Paigey get her design made into a toy!

Help GDG's own Paigey Pumphrey get a vinyl toy made of her design!

She's even mentioned on Gutter Magazine:

"If they can make a goddamn barrista action figure or McFarlane Toyz can throw up some hippie band collection, then surely there's some love out there for the amazing work of of Gutter fav. Paigey Pumphrey!

She needs votes to bring the below little jade-colored goddess to life. Personally, we would love to see a whole line of Paigey creations! We would totally buy them over ANOTHER Freddy Kruger action figure ANY day! "


Malady said...

I LOVE her hair nugs and her ziplock outfit. Genious!

I would love love love it if you looked at my cartoon.

Zorilita said...

I voted for ya <3!

Karen K. said...

Voted! Loving the style :) But I must also ask: Why not also put up our mascot for a figurine? And make her like an ornament? I think she'd be adorable!