Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sasha Palacio - 11,12,13/100

**EDIT** Updated the pictures with good quality scans
Temporary pics, I took these with my phone. When I get to a scanner I'll edit my post.

11/100 "Liebe" (means Love in German)
12/100 "Seraphina"
13/100 "Ivaline"


Catmid said...

These are great! Love the last one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that last one is a cool character.

Sasha Palacio said...

I edited the format to oldest first, so the one I believe you were referring to was 11/100 "Liebe" the clown =P Thank you for the comments!

jamie holmes said...

great clown.

Jean said...

Such beautiful pencil work! :D

jay said...

Seraphina is a doll-- awesome :)