Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sasha Palacio - 9/100 and 10/100 Girls

I'm really late with submissions, but here are 9/100 and 10/100. I have 8 to go, just to catch up to date =P Hope everyone is enjoying the rain as much as I am!

9/100 "Sasha v.1"
Just a quick sketchy self portrait... bleh =P I'll probably be making a few more versions, so I just numbered this v.1

10/100 "Luna"
Inspired by my lovely sisters and the beautiful rain.

**Edit**Made a quick alternate version of 10/100

More tomorrow I promise! Even though they may just be sketches... =P Awesome and Gorgeous entries so far ladies, wonderful art and talent in this group! Happy Rainy Days!

~Sasha Palacio

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