Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bitter/Sweet pieces!

Here are my four finished paper-cut out pieces for the Bitter Sweet show last Friday! They are all available for sale - $100 each!  To purchase, please contact Aaron Sterling at Vlad the Retailer at 323 668 0177 or Vlad.Retailer at


Deadly Nightshade


Ice Cream Sundae


Maria said...

I love these! i used to do paper cutouts so i can appreciate the hard work that goes into them. yours are by far some of the cutest cutouts i've seen! love them :)

Ashly Picazo said...

These are some really great pieces. They are super cute and really well done...paper cutting is really hard and I appreciate the time you must have spent to be able to create cut outs that are this well done. Surely if I could I would buy one!

samax said...

wow! these are really nice. I do paper cutout art sometimes, so I know how much work they are... never consider doing a show of these! I need to try that!