Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GDG 2010 Art Calendar inspired pinata!!

So, those of you who managed to purchase the SUPER AWESOME Girls Drawin Girls 2010 Art Calendar will no doubt recognize my lovely pin-up art for the month of October- a Day of the Dead girl. (and YES, i know Dios de los Meurte is Nov 1-2. You'll just have to deal ; )

Well, I had a wonderful admirer of my work purchase the original painting, and ask my permission if he could one day design a pinata based off/inspired by her (to which I responded, "hells yeah!").

My friends, that day is NOW. (although, he says he's not calling this one technically a Pinata. But I like to think it is!)

Front view- love the inclusion of the bird on her head!

back view

Check out those lacy hot pants! CUTE!