Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Volume III Pre-Sale REMINDER

Yes, I know. Unbelievably, there are still fans of GDG who have NOT pre-ordered Volume III: Sugar and Spice yet! (gasp!)

What are you waiting for?

As if you needed more reasons, here's another sneak-peak, with a FULL line-up of GDG artists involved!

GDG Artists of Volume III:
Steph Laberis
Sherry De Lorme
Sasha Palacio
Sandra Frame (Tara Aramov)
Paigey Pumphrey
Nicole Filiatrault
Nat Repp Zigal
Nancy Lai
Nancy Kruse
Mary Bellamy
Liz Climo
Lissa Treiman
Liana Hee
Lena Podesta
Kelly Matten
Karen Carnegie Johnson
Jill Schwartz
Danni Shinya Lou
Brittney Lee
Ashley Bamburg
Arica Houy
Anand Duncan
Alina Chau
Daisy Church
& Melody Severns!

To see who is who, go to our Facebook page where they've all been labeled!

To Pre-Order (and get an AMAZING FREE PRINT) and 
save $$ (only $20, vs $25 that you'll pay afterwards) click here!!!

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I want one badly..