Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, Update! And Weekly Theme: Lollipop entry

So, I'm camping out at my parents house, with their beautiful internet, and had a chance to scan some old "100 girls in a 100 days" entries. I also was thinking, as I submit to the Weekly Themes, I might as well give those gals a place in the 100. With that I can finish the 100 in this lifetime and accomplish my New Year's resolution of drawing more =)

Okay, so here's this week's theme, Lolli, who is also girl 25/100:
I was inspired by the summer scene and redhead punky girls =P I've been on a freckles splurge lately! =P

My Salsa Dancer is girl 24/100, and I've decided that I'd only count girls not associated with fanart, like my last piece for Daria. That gives my 100 a more original approach and freedom in saleability =)

Here's girl 23/100, Daniella:
I imagine her with a high pitch voice, like Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.

Girl 22/100, Evelyn:

Girl 21/100, Esperanza:

And that is all for now, until next week maybe, but I am attending Comic-Con this year and will get inspired!!! =) Sorry for the splurge of art, I hadn't had coffee for over a week so this morning I decided to make up for my lack of caffeine by drinking the whole 12 cup pot... You can't imagine the amount of times I had to spell check and reread this post, I keep hitting 3 keys at a time and loosing my train of tho..... oooohhh shiney!

~Sasha Palacio


Joe said...

I found my self following this blog like an adict!, I love all you girls post here, amazing and extraordinary artists!


Always Me said...

Wow, your faces are beautiful. Your sketches are flawless. Thank you for posting these.

Dawood Marion said...

Love to see your raw drawings. Great work!!!