Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Apparently, the GDG gals really love the Mermaid theme =P I think any time we've had it, almost everyone draws something =D

Well, here is my mermaid, I personally like the mermaids that look a little more fishy or nymph-like, but I draw most any type. I still neeeeeeeeeed to draw an octomaid, a octopus-type mermaid =P

Oh and this is girl 26/100 - Myrna

Full view for detail, and I will color this up sometime =) But until then, anyone is welcome to =P Just let me know!

~Sasha Palacio


eddie said...

Yo chic this is SICK! Excellent work on the hair , really looks like it's flowin' under water. I like hangin' out here even though my email app was denied (I'm a guy) *sigh*. Don't get me wrong I like being a guy, but this is a cool site, love what y'all are doin and totally understand the rules. Keep up the great work! peace

Kali Fontecchio said...

Very pretty!

R. C. Young said...

I'm glad we're still doing mermaid theme, love your drawing, especially the design of her tail

Mz.Kat-ii said...

I love her pose, so sexy!

Jared Sorensen said...

That is amazing! I like weird/icthyous/scary mermaids and this one is fantastic.

mulcimber said...

If anyone is welcome to color this up, would you mind if I took a crack at it?

It is wonderful and if you're up for it maybe we can trade mermaids. I have one battle ready if you're down.