Monday, January 18, 2010

Charity Art Sale for Haiti Relief

GDG is organizing a Charity Art sale to raise funds to donate to the American Red Cross for the Haiti earthquake relief fund.

We are looking for ALL ARTISTS (male and female!) for donations of original art, prints, and any assorted merchandise (buttons, tshirts, magnets, etc). Since this is an online sale, it is also open to artists from everywhere!

We will be putting up a dedicated blog for the sale by no later than tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

If you are interested, please let us know! Please email gdgnews at gmail with an image of the piece, suggested price, shipping price, dimensions, and medium.

The fine print!

The way the sale will work is that we will post pieces available online with a payment link to the GDG paypal account. When a piece is sold, we will forward the shipping information on to the artist, and donate the same amount to the American Red Cross with the purchasers' information, so buyers will know their money was donated and so they can receive the donation receipt.

Shipping costs will be added onto the final price and will go to artists to help cover shipping expenses.

Any questions, please let us know, and please feel free to forward to any and all interested artists!!!

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